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Did you know that lighting can account for up to 67% of a typical office's electricity consumption?

By moving to today's modern low energy and LED lighting, significant energy savings can be made.

At Lumenta Lighting Design Ltd, we have a proven track record of saving many organisations lots of money by switching their lighting. So much so that we have dedicated our latest website to the subject of low energy and LED lighting.

Therefore, please feel free to browse our website to learn how you can make significant savings by moving to modern lighting technology.

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The development of LED lighting has provided a low energy solution with the functionality and appearance that are highly desirable in today's homes.



Modern low energy lighting products provide new opportunities for lighting architectural features in new and exciting ways.



Hospitals are a major consumer of power and their 24/7 operation means that payback for low energy lighting and LED lighting can be extremely quick.



Golf clubs, sports clubs, leisure centres, etc can all benefit from low energy lighting and LED lighting.


Public Sector

All areas of the public sector are under enormous pressure to reduce costs and modern lighting technology gives a great opportunity to achieve this.


Sports Stadia

Sports stadia are multi functional buildings with long hours of operation and can make significant energy savings by using low energy and LED lighting.



Manufacturing facilities typically operate 24/7 meaning that LED Lighting and low energy lighting projects can for themselves extremely quickly.



With its extremely long hours of operation, the retail sector is an ideal candidate for the use of low energy lighting products such as LED lighting and significant savings will be made as a result.



Significant energy and cost savings can be made by replacing old inefficient lighting products with modern energy efficient fixtures in schools, colleges and universities.



Pubs, restaurants and hotels are great users of lighting and typically have their lights operational for long hours every day of the year. Modern LED lighting can be dimmed to give combine the required ambience with desired energy savings.



Lumenata 7w LED GU10 Lamp

LEDs for Lumenata

23/05/2013 22:05:00

Lumenata launches its own brand of LED lamps.

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New Web Site

03/05/2013 16:49:54

Welcome to our brand new Low Energy Lighting Expert website, designed to save your business money on their electrical bills (and become a little more environmentally friendly too!)

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